Children Services - Walking Alongside You (WAY) Referral

The WAY project supports women who have had one or more children removed from their care and are at risk of having repeat removals of children. WAY aims to break this cycle by working directly with women to support and provide guidance to focus on themselves, whilst providing them with the opportunity to develop new skills and responses that can help them create a more positive future.

The support that can be provided will depend on the level of engagement that is possible, for some this may be a brief period of support to access, for example, the contraception services that are offered. For others, longer term support may be needed.  The expectation is that a person referred is at a point where they are willing to positively engage with an individualised support plan.

WAY's aims are to:

  • Build resilience and self-esteem
  • Address negative issues when ready such as drug, alcohol and domestic Abuse
  • Develop aspirations for the future
  • Build new relationships with professionals and others
  • Enable healthy relationships with partners, friends and family
  • To promote positive health, mental health, improved well-being and confidence