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Reflecting on a year of pandemic

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

23 March 2021 is the first anniversary of the first UK lockdown and is being marked as a National Day of Reflection.

It really has been an unprecedented year that’s for sure.

It is a time to reflect, connect and support each other.

Our reflection on the past year is that you are amazing.

Not being able to see our friends and family has been tough. Some of us have also lost colleagues and loved ones to the virus. Having to deal with the challenges over the past year has tested our individual mental and physical health.

But your collective strength has shone through as shown in this short video.

We’ve seen incredible acts of kindness and support for neighbours and strangers through these difficult times.

Over the last year, we’ve provided support to residents to help the shield, self-isolate, have a safe place to stay if they were on the streets, and we got creative about how we could ensure vulnerable adults continued to receive the care they needed.

Supported adults

We’ve also supported our schools to stay open for vulnerable children and children of key workers, supplied picnic boxes and vouchers to help with fuel bills as well as vouchers to replace free school meals.

Supported families

Supporting local businesses has also been a key priority for us. We’ve provided grants, rate relief, advice for businesses re-opening and employed new covid stewards to help people stay safe.

Supported businesses

We’re also supporting you to get tested and vaccinated and, if you do test positive for covid we’ll also contact you so we can help identify anyone you have come into contact with but also advise you on support that’s available to help you self-isolate. 

Prevent the spread

We will continue to support you for as long as is needed.

But we couldn’t have got through this year without you. Everyone has played their part by following the restrictions and supporting each other. Thank you.

With cases dropping and vaccinations increasing, things are looking more positive. Let’s keep going and make 2021 a better year.