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New political leadership at Central Bedfordshire Council

Friday, 26 May 2023

Councillor Adam Zerny was elected as the new Leader of Central Bedfordshire at the first full Council meeting since the local elections on 4 May.

Councillor Adam Zerny Leader of Central Bedfordshire CouncilCouncillor Zerny used his opening speech on Thursday, 25 May to highlight the independents’ ambitions for the future.

He said:

We are the first unitary or county council in the country to be run by Independents. Our wish is that we take consensus and work with all groups to achieve the best for the residents of Central Bedfordshire. We do not have a majority so this might mean that decisions don’t always go our way, but that is right. That is democracy and that is exactly what should happen. Now the real work begins. We will take a forensic view of Council finances and make sure our residents get the most out of the Council Tax they pay. Protecting the welfare and wallets of residents is our primary aim and as a demonstration of this commitment, all of the Executive have agreed to reduce our allowance, saving £110,000 a year of taxpayers money.

The membership of the Executive and designation of responsibilities are determined by the Leader of the Council, and are as follows:

During the meeting it was also confirmed that Councillor Richard Wenham continues as leader of the Conservative group, Councillor Shaun Roberts would lead the Liberal Democrat group, Councillor Matthew Brennan would be the leader of the Labour group on the Council.

View the webcast of the meeting