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Landowners fined for breaking planning rules

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Owners of land in Haynes who failed to comply with our enforcement notice after erecting a large building and new access on their land without planning permission have been fined over £5,000

The case was heard at Luton Magistrates Court on Friday 8 July 2022, with the two individuals (Mr Frank (Francis) and Mrs Francesca Kane) both entering a guilty plea. They were each fined £2,123 and were ordered to pay our costs of £1,131.66 (split 2 ways) and a victim surcharge each of £190, making the total cost of the offence £5,757.66. This offence will also go on their criminal records.

Following a visit from a planning enforcement officer, after being alerted to the issue, we also confirmed the landowners had put up new fencing and gates and a new concrete hardstanding had been laid. All works carried out require planning permission. We'd received a planning application in November 2020; however, it was subsequently withdrawn.

In August 2021, we served Mr and Mrs Kane with an enforcement notice requiring them to demolish the building, remove the hardstanding, fences and access and restore the land to its former condition. Mr and Mrs Kane did not comply with these requirements, so we prosecuted them.

Councillor Kevin Collins, our Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration, said:

Where necessary and proportionate, we will use planning enforcement powers to ensure community concerns about unauthorised development are heard, listened to and when possible, action taken.

Unfortunately, we have had a few instances recently of people thinking they can work outside the planning rules which are there for everyone’s benefit. We take these matters seriously and this case is another example of why planning enforcement is so important.