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Huge donation helped us buy bikes for over 70 looked after children

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Thanks to an anonymous donation, specifically for looked after children, we've been able to gift bicycles and non-motorised scooters to over 70 children and young people.

A generous donation of £25,000 has allowed our social workers, together with families and foster carers, to apply for £250 per child to help pay for a bike or scooter, along with safety equipment. The scheme started in October 2020. So far, 72 children across Central Bedfordshire have been able to make the most of it.

Each application is considered by our Children’s Services Resources Panel. Once a grant has been agreed (and where COVID-19 restrictions allow) social workers go with the child and their foster carer or family so they can choose their bike or scooter.

One social worker who successfully applied for a grant on behalf of a child said:

We went to Halfords and he chose his bike, helmet and bike lock. He was so happy and he said that he wants to ride his bike to school! This has meant so much to him and has really boosted him, and I am hoping that this will support him with getting into school and give him a sense of pride for his bike.

Councillor Sue Clark, our Executive Member for Families, Education and Children, said:

This has proved to be really successful, and came about after our looked after children told us what a difference it would make if they had their own bike or scooter. The scheme means our children can ride to school, get outside and stay healthy, join in with their friends, and gain independence and confidence. So much has changed over the past year for everyone; so it’s been wonderful to be able to provide something nice during the pandemic.

We’re very grateful for the donation that enabled us to start this scheme, and our children are telling us how much they’re enjoying their new bikes and scooters.