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Economic strategy takes another step forward

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

Our Executive Committee has unanimously agreed to recommend the draft economic strategy to Full Council for adoption and to underpin it with an annual intervention plan and progress report.

Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration, Councillor Kevin Collins, said:

Our economic strategy is designed to frame the delivery of our long-term economic aspirations.

The overarching principle is to build local prosperity, via a people-centred approach to economic growth, directing wealth and prosperity back to local business and communities.

It is underpinned by six interlinked economic themes. These are skills for the future, supporting businesses, creating sustainable places for the future, maximising opportunities with neighbours and embedding us in the local economy. The economic strategy will replace the previous 2011 economic development plan.

Before the draft came to the Executive Committee, we carried out a public consultation. More than 600 responses were received, of those 579 were from residents.

The most important areas identified were:

  • the importance of diverse and flourishing local businesses
  • support for business survival
  • enabling remote working
  • providing modern workspaces
  • helping residents develop skills for the future

Those taking part also placed a high priority on:

  • employment opportunities for local people
  • having an inclusive education system
  • lifelong learning
  • digital skills provision
  • developing links between businesses and schools

If adopted, the economic strategy will be another important pillar to support our shared Vision for Central Bedfordshire 2050. Developed with a broad range of stakeholders, residents and partners and adopted in November, it will take forward the economic themes identified within the Vision.