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Get your free garden waste bin

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Let us know if you'd like a bin for your garden waste; you can still keep your sacks, too!

Garden waste binWe're delivering more than a thousand garden waste bins, every day, to homes in the north of our area.

Find out how to order a garden waste bin.

The 240-litre green wheelie bins are completely free and intended to replace the current system of two garden waste bags per household.

The new bins are not compulsory, so you can keep using the bags if you'd prefer.

Households may only have the one bin, which can be used as soon as it is delivered. They will be emptied on the same day as the garden waste sacks were.

Once you start using the bins, you won't be able to leave your sacks out, too, but you can still use them in your garden.

Councillor Ian Dalgarno, our Executive Member for Community Services said:

We’ve been very pleased at how popular the garden waste bins are proving to be.

But as residents start to do their garden tidy-ups before winter anyone who wants one but hasn’t yet ordered one should do so.