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We'd like your views on our economic strategy

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

We're developing an economic strategy that recognises the short-term impacts of COVID-19, but focuses on the longer-term direction for our local economy. We need your help!

Councillor Kevin Collins, our Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration said:

Along with our sustainability plan, the new strategy is an important pillar to support our vision for Central Bedfordshire.

Last year, along with a broad range of stakeholders, residents and partners, we began working together to develop a shared vision for 2050. It seeks to ensure we maintain and enhance what is great about Central Bedfordshire but also embraces the future and how our lives and the world of work are changing.

We want a prosperous, thriving, innovative economy underpinned by a skilled workforce with a culture of innovation. We want to encourage a diverse range of flourishing businesses along with a digital infrastructure that is fit for the future.

We want an economy that is based on seizing opportunities for all, led by a green recovery. So we want to hear your views on how you think we can do that.

We want to continue to be a great place for business - especially SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises) which bring investment, employment opportunities and vibrancy to our towns and villages.

We want an education system that is truly inclusive, closes skill gaps, helps our young people into great jobs and supports our older generations with lifelong learning.

We’ve also identified a number of specific areas that we believe are essential building blocks to achieve our economic strategy as well as our vision for 2050. But we want to be sure we’ve chosen the right ones and would like your assistance in ranking them in order of importance in supporting a sustainable economy.

Your views whether as an individual, a local business or a local organisation are important to us. So please take the time to complete our survey.