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Biggleswade skatepark rolls into action

Monday, 20 July 2020

The new skatepark at Chambers Way play area in Biggleswade is now open for use.

The £200,000 project, funded by us, to replace the skatepark which closed in June 2018, has been designed with input from local skateboarders, BMX and scooter riders of all ages and abilities and support from The Skateparks Project.

It was constructed by Maverick Skateparks, which has created a superb concrete skatepark, including features suitable for all ages and abilities. These include quarterpipes, a 360º rollover, two volcanoes and a bowl.

The skatepark also includes new sensor-controlled LED lighting and CCTV to help users to feel safe and is nestled within sympathetic landscaping.

The concrete design is more hard-wearing and is likely to require less repairs.


Councillor Ian Dalgarno, our Executive Member for Community Services, said:

It’s great to see this skatepark open for use, now that COVID-19 restrictions around the use of skateparks have been lifted, but we would like to encourage users to continue to observe safe social distancing in line with the latest government guidelines.

Skateparks are a great way to encourage more local people to take part in a sport that is accessible and informal. They can help create stronger communities and a positive outdoor space where residents can forge friendships, be sociable and physically active.

It was great to engage with some younger skaters and riders as well as the local community during the design process. With their help and that of our design partners, we have created a unique and exciting format that challenges the most expert of users but also meets the needs of the less experienced. The new design will also help to reduce noise for local residents, and the upgraded lighting and CCTV will ensure users feel safe.