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Communities unite to help vulnerable residents

Thursday, 16 April 2020

The coronavirus national emergency is worrying for everyone.

And those who may be vulnerable and are not able to access support from family, friends or trusted neighbours will be particularly concerned.

We're working across the area with local groups and individuals to help those people in need.

These may be people who are unable to leave the house, perhaps because they are elderly and live on their own, are pregnant, self-isolating, shielding, or have a disability or mental health issues.

We can provide emergency food parcels and medicine delivery for those in urgent need, and in the longer term, voluntary organisations across the area are also providing support.

But, as Council Leader James Jamieson explains, everyone can do their bit.

Councillor James Jamieson, Leader of Central Bedfordshire Council said:

This is the biggest health emergency of our lifetime, and the most important thing we can all do is to stick to the guidance about staying at home. If we give up on this now, all the benefits of the past three weeks will be lost. It’s a bit like a course of medicine which we really need to complete before things get better!

I’d like to thank all the volunteers and community workers who are looking out for others and supporting those who need some help.

From the safety of home everyone can help our communities by remembering those who may be isolated and vulnerable, and giving them a call just to check they are okay. If you are worried about anyone, please get in touch with us, either online or via our dedicated helpline.

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We're also appealing to the business community to offer support to the effort to provide food parcels to vulnerable residents. Any local companies who may be able to contribute either surplus food stocks or packaging for the parcels (boxes, bags and bottles) are urged to get in touch.

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