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Biggleswade pool open, after £1 million facelift

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

We've given the Saxon Leisure Centre in Biggleswade a facelift with new, modern, swimming pool changing facilities to make them more family-friendly and give customers more privacy.

The extensive work included reconfiguring the changing rooms, so that all of the family cubicles are conveniently next to the learner pool. There are more larger lockers, which are more popular with families and new poolside seating for swimming galas.

The communal male and female showers, which customers said they didn’t like, have been replaced with individual shower cubicles, for greater privacy. The toilets and dressing areas have also been upgraded and the centre now boasts improved accessible changing rooms.

Poolside seating at Saxon Leisure Centre

Poolside seating at Saxon Leisure Centre

What customers said

Just some of the reactions from the first customers walking through the doors of the brand-new refurbished swimming pool area, we opened to the public yesterday (7 October 2019):

It looks lovely and it’s great to have this in our community

I really like it

I love the space, it’s very open

Maxine Jordan who has been visiting the centre for over 22 years said:

It’s so much better than what was here before, it looks really lovely.

Fellow swimmer, Rachael Toland, said:

My first impression was it looks amazing. I really like the size of the new showers and changing rooms. It’s a very bright and open space now and there is a great area for getting ready and drying your hair.

Councillor's thoughts

Councillor Ian Dalgarno, our Executive Member for Community Services, said:

At a time when public services across the country are being squeezed, we have invested over £1 million in this amazing new modern facility, to give our customers a leisure centre that meets their expectations.

We hope that the improved pool changing facilities will help encourage more local people to get involved and participate in this sport. Swimming is a good form of exercise and is fun for people of all ages, whilst also being an essential life-saving skill.