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We've clarified consultation questionnaire

Thursday, 3 October 2019

We've amended our public consultation over dog control and public drinking orders in response to feedback from residents about the clarity of one of our survey questions.

The consultation, which was launched on 9 September, invited residents to give their opinion on a number of public space protection orders which relate both to dog control and public drinking.

The consultation was due to run for a period of twelve weeks, but following comments from some people taking part, we've amended the part of the consultation questionnaire relating to dog control orders and have re-launched the consultation.

The revised survey is available online from Monday 30 September and revised paper copies will be available in libraries by the end of the week and for a full twelve-week period.

Unfortunately, the changes mean that the 200 residents who have previously submitted their responses will be invited to do so again, using the revised survey.

In order to reach everyone who’s either already participated or is yet to do so, we will be promoting the changed approach via our website, social media platforms and community publications.

In doing so, we apologise for any inconvenience caused and are hoping that residents will understand the importance of listening to public feedback on all our consultations, to ensure their views are properly heard and understood.