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Celebrating young people and youth workers in Central Bedfordshire

Thursday, 26 September 2019

As part of this year’s National Youth Work Week we are involved in organising an event to celebrate the great work carried out by young people and youth workers across Central Bedfordshire

The awards ceremony takes place Monday, 4 November from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

Do you know a young person or a group of young people that you feel deserve recognition for their efforts?

Would you like to nominate a youth worker who you feel goes above and beyond in their work?

Then submit your nominations using the attached form. Please email completed forms to youthworkawards@gmail.com.

The deadline for nominations is 5pm on September 30.

You can nominate someone for any of the following awards if they meet the qualifying criteria

Youth Volunteer Award

  • Completed over 30 hrs of volunteering
  • Goes the extra mile to help others
  • Shows commitment to self-development via volunteering

Junior ‘helper’ Award (10-12 years)

  • Actively takes part in community/environmental projects
  • Promotes individual and collective action to improve local areas or quality of life
  • Inspires peer group to be responsible for their actions
  • Takes part in local and national initiatives
  • Engage and encourage others to participate in youth group/projects

Overcoming Barriers Award (Disability)

  • Actively takes part in a local youth group
  • Helps others to overcome barriers to develop
  • Overcome their fears and tries new activities

Personal Achievement Award

  • Shows determination and perseverance
  • Improved confidence and assertiveness in making choices
  • Taking on board constructive criticism
  • Overcoming fears to step out of comfort zone

Community & Environment Award

  • Actively taking part in community projects
  • Encouraging community spirit
  • Inspiring young people to do more within the community
  • Supporting projects that have a lasting impact
  • Gain experience and knowledge to help progress into further education and employment

Young Peoples Voice Award

  • Shows inclusiveness and participation
  • Shows commitment
  • Initiates and shares ideas
  • Brings energy and enthusiasm to the group

Diversity Award

  • Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be involved
  • Acts as a role model for building inclusion
  • Demonstrates partnerships and working with others
  • Creates an inclusive culture by challenging inequalities
  • Involved in positive action for marginalised groups

Youth Work in Arts Award

  • Actively involved in creating and participating in arts activities
  • Developed new creative skills to benefit and encourage others in the Arts
  • Gain experience and an take part in community Art Projects/displays

Peer Educating Award

  • Initiates and shares ideas
  • Willingness to help others
  • Shows commitment and engagement
  • Is able to work well with peers with improved confidence

Youth Worker Mentor Award

  • Positively strives to support/mentor young people to achieve their goals
  • Will go the extra mile to find resources/opportunities for young people
  • Shows commitment to young people and achieves positive outcomes

Youth Support Worker Award (part-time)

  • Actively & enthusiastically supports youth work programmes/activities
  • Builds and maintains good working relationships with groups of young people
  • Supports other youth work colleagues with commitment and brings new ideas

Youth Worker Award

  • Minimum five years’ experience as a Professional Youth Work practitioner
  • Commendable commitment to young people and developing youth services
  • Ensuring Youth Work is relevant and bringing fresh ideas in a changing environment
  • Strives to ensure young people’s voices are heard and develops participation