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We're going to develop a climate change plan

Friday, 19 July 2019

We've agreed to prioritise responding to climate change. A proposal to develop a plan was discussed at our Council meeting yesterday (18 July), and received unanimous support.

Suggesting this proposal, Councillor Dixon, our Executive Member for Transformation and External Relations, said: "Following elections, we have reflected on some of our priorities and in particular, we have created a transformation portfolio which includes responding to climate change.

"We recognise that we can and want to do a lot more to reduce our carbon footprint, and we want to encourage others to do so too. We will produce a deliverable plan, ready for roll out during 2020. In that plan, we aim to lead by example in our everyday practices, encouraging and supporting our residents and businesses to do likewise. We’ll also be looking to invest in programmes that support a carbon neutral Central Bedfordshire for 2030 and beyond."

Amongst the projects that we already have lined up that will help tackle climate change, are innovative plans to trial pavements and cycleways that will capture solar energy and kinetic energy from people walking to power streetlights and electric road signs.