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We are addressing changes to voting and candidacy rights for EU Citizens

Friday, 26 April 2024

We will soon be writing to EU citizens registered to vote, to let them know about legal changes to their voting and candidacy rights effective from 7 May, 2024.

In England, the general right of European Union (EU) citizens to register, vote, and stand in UK elections will be removed, with exceptions for specific groups. Notably, alterations to candidacy rights for EU citizens will come into force. EU citizens elected before 7 May 2024 can remain in office for their full term. After this date, EU citizens standing as candidates must have been legally resident in the UK before 31 December 2020, or be from an eligible country.

Marcel Coiffait, serving as Electoral Registration Officer, said:

Following these changes in the law, we will be sending letters out from 7 May to all current registered EU electors. Please respond promptly, as additional information may be required to safeguard your voting rights if eligible.

EU citizens will continue to be eligible to vote while they remain on the register but will not be able to re-register once they are taken off after May 2024.

These changes will not apply to the Police and Crime Commissioner elections scheduled for 2 May 2024.