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Your chance to shape the future of transport in Central Bedfordshire

Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Work to create a blueprint for the future of transport in Central Bedfordshire begins today and we're urging people to get involved in the development of a vital new document.

People who live, work, spend time or run businesses in Central Bedfordshire have a chance to shape our Local Transport Plan that will guide future plans, policies and priorities relating to roads, electric vehicles, public rights of way, cycleways, and public transport.

Anyone who moves around, or in and out of, Central Bedfordshire is being asked to answer questions about how they travel, what they think and feel about it, and what they think our priorities should be over the next 10 to 15 years.

To get involved, people can go online to find out more and share their views.

Find out more and share your views.

Anyone without internet access can call us on 0300 300 8300 to request a paper copy.

The new Local Transport Plan will align with national policy changes, the proposed growth set out in the Local Plan for Central Bedfordshire, and developments such as the rise in electric vehicle ownership, more people working from home, and the expected introduction of autonomous vehicles. The results will also inform the New Local Plan.

Councillor Mary Walsh, our Executive Member for Planning and Waste, said:

This is an important stage for people, businesses and other organisations to get involved. What goes into our draft Local Transport Plan will depend on the feedback we receive. Some things we can be fairly sure about – for example, it’s likely to underline our commitment to reducing pollution and addressing the impacts of climate change – but how we go about it must take into account what our residents and businesses tell us will work for them, what we can afford to spend, and national legislation, policy and guidance.

A Local Transport Plan must address current and future challenges, and investment should be prioritised against the most up-to-date objectives. A robust plan also increases the likelihood of success when bidding for central government funding for investment.

The initial engagement period runs from Wednesday 17 April to 30 June 2024. We will then prepare our draft Local Transport Plan before a formal consultation begins, expected to be during summer 2025.