Monthly and quarterly returns

Monthly and quarterly returns - overview

We are committed to reducing the volume of paper used in communications and over the last few months the we have introduced new ways of working in line with this value. As previously advised to all schools, we will no longer accept paper copies for monthly or quarterly returns. We have produced electronic templates for the Income and Expenditure Report, Cash flow and quarterly Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) return.

The templates should be submitted either by email to or via AnyComms. Electronic authorisation by the head teacher will be accepted on the provision that the returns are sent from the head teacher’s email account. Governors will be accepted on the provision that they will be sent via their own email account. This ensures attachments are duly authorised. Any relevant backup (invoices for DFC return etc. should be uploaded to AnyComms).

Please direct any queries to the Schools Finance email address quoted above.