General school finance information

Risk analysis

All maintained schools are subject to a risk red / amber / green (RAG) analysis. This process is conducted by the Schools Finance Team and is done twice a year; in August following year-end and initial budget submissions and again in January following review of revised budget and forecast outturn returns. 

If you have any immediate queries regarding changes to the category your school has been assigned then please speak to your financial advisor. Otherwise, any specific issues will be discussed the next time we visit you. Your financial advisor will contact you if there are any changes to reporting requirements for your school that result from a change to the category assigned to your school. 

At the schools forum meeting held in June 2016, approval was granted for the introduction of two new criteria: schools causing concern and age range changes. The complete, updated criteria are available for download below.

RAG rating - August 2019

RAG criteria (PDF 3.7KB)