Numbers on roll

Numbers on roll - pupil numbers

The Department of Education conduct a census of all pupils every term. Please find below the most recent summaries of this information.

Academic year 2018/19

Summer 2019
Spring 2019 (PDF 321.5KB)
Autumn 2018 (PDF 322.7KB)

Academic year 2017/18

Summer 2018 (PDF 334KB)
Spring 2018 (PDF 333.2KB)
Autumn 2017 (PDF 325.8KB)

Academic year 2016/17

Summer 2017 (PDF 139.2KB)
Spring 2017 (PDF 143.7KB)
Autumn 2016 (PDF 137.7KB)

Academic year 2015/16

Summer 2016 (PDF 112.9KB)
Spring 2016 (PDF 244.4KB)
Autumn 2015 (PDF 508.8KB)

Academic year 2014/15

Summer 2015 (PDF 256.6KB)
Spring 2015 (PDF 171.5KB)

Please contact the Learning Performance Team to request previous copies.