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Deletions from the school roll

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Deletions from school admissions register

From 1 September 2016 The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 requires that all schools (including independent schools) inform their local authority whenever a compulsory age pupil leaves a school at a non-standard transition time. The proprietor must make a return to the local authority for that pupil as soon as the ground for deletion is met, in relation to that pupil, and in any event no later than the time at which the pupil’s name is deleted from the register.

The duty to make a return does not apply where the pupil has completed the final year of education normally provided by that school (ending statutory education, phase transfer or permanently excluded).

Within Central Bedfordshire we require Off Roll Notifications to be received within 5 working days of a child being removed from the school roll. Failure to do this is a breach of statutory guidance and could be seen as a failure to keep a child safe.

If a child is moving out of county/out of the country, schools are required to obtain details of the child’s new home address, new school/education provision and parent contact details including email addresses before removing from the school roll. If these details cannot be obtained, the Child Missing Education Procedure should be referred to.


Leaving school form for parents (Word 123.5KB)

Removing pupils from school roll - guidance for schools (PDF 1.1MB)