Schools emergency planning and business continuity guidance

Emergency contact details for schools

Repairs hotline: 0300 300 5960

This number is for buildings related issues (eg. boiler failure, utilities outage etc) for schools who have bought back a maintenance contract from us. Technical advice and support is available 24/7.

Schools who do not hold a maintenance contract will need to contact their own maintenance contractor or phone the repairs hotline for advice. Please note that technical advice is not available out of office hours to non-contract holders.

School emergencies: 07964 111942

This number is to be used to notify us for any other emergency, including:

  • bomb threat
  • intruder
  • lockdown
  • major evacuation
  • bereavement
  • unforeseen school closure (not snow closure*) etc.

*In the event of bad weather, the SOS system will be regularly monitored. There is therefore no requirement to phone the school emergency number, provided that the SOS system has been successfully updated.

School closure procedure

  1. Alert parents: Parent Mail / text / phone
  2. Log in to SOS and change status
  3. Phone 07964 111942 (not required for snow closure)