School recruitment

Application forms

For any school undertaking their own recruitment, the following templates forms may be useful.

Teaching application form (Word 231KB)

Non-teaching application form (Word 210.5KB)

Application form guidelines (PDF 67.8KB)

Equal Opportunities (PDF 53.8KB)

The Personnel Handbook is the key reference source on personnel and human resource issues for staff in Central Bedfordshire schools. Nothing in the handbook can override the legal position, but head teachers and governors are asked to note that the Local Authority considers the following documents to form part of the contract of employment for staff in maintained schools.

The Redundancy Procedure (Chapter 5, Section 2) does not form part of the contract of employment, but is viewed by the Local Authority as a key document in the management of staffing reductions in schools. It would be used to determine, for example, the extent to which the Local Authority judged the actions of a governing body to be reasonable in circumstances where a liability might arise (for example, a redundancy compensation payment). Other policies are advisory and intended to be helpful support in the management of personnel and human resource issues.

Employment history. Applicants are required to provide details of their full employment history and explain any gaps. If there are unexplained gaps or discrepancies in the employment history, clarification must be sought at interview.

References. References should be sought before the interview, which allows any discrepancies to be discussed with the candidate at interview. The reference request should ask for information relating to live disciplinary offences and those which are spent which relate to children; if the applicant has been subject to any child protection concerns and if so the outcome of any enquiry or disciplinary procedure.

Equal opportunities. This form should not be made available to those persons involved in the selection process, as it is for monitoring purposes only.