Career Development

A child developing

Our strategy states that 'The Council will be a great organisation to work for and will be well run and managed, with employees who are able to contribute and progress in their careers.'

Within Early Intervention and Social Care, we have a clear career map (PDF 981.4KB) that outlines the opportunities available and the skills and support required.

The majority of our management posts are filled by permanent staff (many promoted from within), and we actively encourage staff to undertake secondments to gain more experience.

In partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, we have created a nationally recognised CBC Academy of Social Work and Early intervention to ensure the effective support for practitioners, leading to Practice Manager of the Year award in 2014 and runner up as Social Work Manager of the year 2016. We subscribe to Research in Practice and Community Care Inform and sponsor staff through both Masters and PhD programmes.

We believe in strong professional challenge, and debate and practice regular reflective supervision. Practitioners have access to both external supervision and an Employee Assistance Programme if necessary. We require senior managers to be visible and in contact with front line practice and we involve staff in decision-making.

Career progression

At Central Bedfordshire, we have a career progression scheme that’s designed to help everyone reach their potential. It is linked to the Professional Capabilities Framework, which means that it will remain up-to-date and relevant in the future. As part of this scheme, we encourage staff to study for further qualifications, including social work degrees.

For social workers, the Academy provides an ASYE and an Early Professional Development programme in conjunction with a local university. Qualifications can include Diplomas, Masters and even PhD level qualifications.

Social workers have the opportunity to apply for promotion from Social Worker Level 1 to Social Worker Level 2 without changing job roles, and most Senior Practitioner or management vacancies are advertised internally before being made public.