School closures

School closures due to emergencies and bad weather

Industrial Action by NEU Teaching staff members

The NEU has further strikes planned for:

  • Wednesday, 5 July
  • Friday, 7 July

It is possible that further dates will be announced. Some schools may have a partial opening or even have to close completely dependant on staffing levels and head teachers have been letting their parent/carers know which classes may run as usual and which won't. The schools directly continue to be the best and quickest way to get this information on a class by class basis - and the schools will update our school closure system to reflect the situation in their school as and when they can.

Registering for school closure information

School closures information is updated by Head Teachers only in the event of a forced closure due to an emergency.

You can register to receive information for the school(s) you are interested in.

When a change is made, you will receive an email giving the status (open or closed) and brief explanation of the issue.

Register now for school closures information