Transport at All Saints View

Transport options at All Saints View, Houghton Regis


All Saints View is a new development in the heart of Houghton Regis that encourages resident car free living. Resident car free living is defined as not owning a car and making a conscious decision to travel in more sustainable way, using alternate means of transport. All Saints View is centrally located to several bus and train routes as well as having various amenities on site.

The car club

All Saints View will provide all residents with membership to an exclusive sustainable car club where they may pre-book electric vehicles which will be conveniently available on site. The monthly membership charge is £22 per month which allows 20 hours of use and 10p per mile per month. When the inclusive hours have been used, cars are charged at an average of £5 per hour. 

Residents are able to book vehicles over the phone or on the online portal, in advance. These vehicles can be booked for as little as an hour or as long as several days, making them suitable for a variety of journeys. The cars will have charging facilities and a specific parking spaces within the confines on the building making it easy to recharge and use.

The vehicles will be inspected regularly, and the provider will complete all necessary servicing and maintenance. The operator will provide customer care and breakdown support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a contact centre. Cleaning materials will be provided in accordance with current COVID-19 requirements to sanitise cars before and after use.

The sustainable car club's financial benefit is that it saves residents who previously funded their own individual vehicle with a suitable alternative. 

Benefits of the car club

  • an estimated yearly saving of around £3,600 (find out how we estimated this)
  • there is no joining fee, its free to become a member of the sustainable car club
  • reducing carbon footprint
  • cars readily available on site via booking system

Requirements for joining the car club

  • you must have a full UK driving licence
  • you must have 5 points or fewer on your licence
  • non-UK driving licence holders can't join and be a member
  • if you have been disqualified from driving at any point, you are not eligible to join
  • if you have been involved in 2 or more accidents within the last 3 years, you are not eligible to be a member

What's included in your membership?

  • insurance (£100 excess per incident)
  • cleaning, two weekly for all cars
  • routine servicing repairs and maintenance
  • 20 hours per month driver credit

Visitor parking

There is visitor parking on site which will work with a pay and display system. All non-disabled spaces will be free for the first 20 minutes and all disabled spaces will be free for the first 40 minutes. The charges which are applicable after this time are as follow:

Visitor charges apply between 7am and 10pm. During this time, visitors can park on-site for a maximum of 3 hours per day.

There will be 2 parking meters on site which will accept cash. Card payments can be made via JustPark. By downloading the app you are able to register your vehicle and submit a payment using online banking.

Find JustPark on the Apple App Store

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Visitor parking costs at All Saints View
Time Charge
1 hour £1
2 hours £1.50
3 hours £2

Shorter trips can be made via the bus service, walking, or other transportation options.

Questions and answers

Do I need a driving license to use the sustainable vehicles?

Yes, you will need a full and valid driving license to be eligible to participate in the car club. 

How can I book the vehicles?

The vehicles can be reserved via the providers online booking and payment system or over the telephone.

Will I be responsible for cleaning and maintaining the vehicles?

You will be required to sanitise the vehicle using the antibacterial equipment provided before and after usage, in accordance with COVID-19 protocols and to limit the spread of infection. The supplier will manage all vehicle maintenance, and vehicle inspections will be undertaken every 2 weeks.

Will I need to pay a deposit or wavier to use the vehicles?

All residents who are members of the sustainable vehicle club receive comprehensive insurance, there is no deposit required, and waivers are included in the rental hire.

What will happen if I have an accident?

There will be information in the vehicle and on the mobile app that will assist you if an accident occurs. The operator will assist you with breakdown cover, vehicle recovery, or a replacement vehicle, as well as ensuring your safe return home. Individuals are subject to a maximum excess charge of £100 per accident.

What is the average car cost saving I could make?

Potential car cost savings
Car cost Average saving
Fuel cost £1,083 (average from AA)
MOT, service and maintenance £900 (average maintenance)
Car tax £145 (average)
Insurance cost £450 (average policy cost)
Depreciation £1,000 (average annual)
Total £3,578

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