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Right to Buy

What happens after your Right to Buy application is made?

On receipt of your application, the Housing Rents Team will arrange for a valuation of your property (there is no charge for this service).

The valuation is less than any discount you are entitled to, depending on how long you have been a tenant.

The maximum discount amount is £82,800. You will have the right to challenge the valuation of the property, which will be considered by the District Valuer.

If you decide to go ahead

If your application is accepted and you decide to go ahead with the purchase, you will need to arrange for a mortgage or alternative method of payment.

You will also be liable for the general costs associated with purchasing a property including Stamp Duty, Solicitors fees and Land Registry fees.

Whilst your application is going through, we will only carry out essential repairs to your property. On completion of the sale of your property, you will be responsible for all of the repairs and upkeep.

If you buy a flat, you will have to pay towards any major works to the building and an annual service charge.