Rights and responsibilities


Council housing insurance

We insure our council dwellings. In the case of a fire that destroys a property we would claim insurance for the cost of repairing the building only.

Tenant contents are not insured

We do not insure any of the contents that belong to the tenant. Every tenant should have contents insurance.

Damage by the council

Council tenants can make insurance claims against us for any damage that we may cause to tenants' possessions, or injury to the tenant or members of their family.

For example, if a council tradesman hammers a nail into the wall and bursts a pipe which results in the floor being flooded and ruining the tenant's carpet, we would be responsible for the cost of replacing the carpet.

Damage not caused by the council

However, there are a variety of other issues for which we may not be negligent. For example, if there is a storm which lifts a tile off of a roof and water comes through the roof, causing damage, we would claim that that is not being negligent as we could not have prevented it from happening. Under such circumstances we would seek to reject any such claim.