Leaseholder rights

Frequently asked questions

Below is a quick reference guide to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding leasehold properties:

How can I report and / or chase a repair?

By ringing the freephone number 0800 074 0263 and selecting the appropriate option.

How can I make a payment?

To pay ground rent, service charges and major works invoices, open the payment page, then select 'housing and garage rents' and have your 10 digit reference number to hand. Alternatively, you can also ring 0300 300 8030 and select option 5.

When can I expect my next bill?

Bills are raised quarterly, in advance, so you should receive them in March, June, September and December.

Why have I received five bills this year when I have previously only received four?

Following a review conducted on the leasehold service, with a view to easing understanding, it was decided that supplementary bills (or the "fifth bill") would be raised for any shortfall from the previous year, from 2013/14 onwards. Previously, this shortfall was added to the October and January quarters of the year.

What is a Section 20 Notice?

A Section 20 Notice is a legal requirement that we must issue to affected leaseholders in the event that works totalling more than £250.00 per leaseholder, or £100.00 if it is a long-term contract (over 12 months), are required to the block of flats in which your property is situated.

Can I extend my lease?

It is possible to extend your lease, but your initial enquiry should be made to our solicitors via your own solicitors.

What is the ‘management fee’ portion of my service charge?

The management fee is a calculation of officer time and administration spent working on leasehold issues. This will include the Home Ownership Officers Leasehold Officer, Surveyors, Maintenance Inspectors, Neighbourhood Estate Officers etc.

When is my block of flats due to be decorated?

External decorations are done on a cyclical programme: Timber components every 7 years and masonry every 10 years.

Water has leaked into my flat from the flat above and caused damage to my property. What can I do?

If the leak is from a communal or shared pipe, or from the flat of a CBC tenant, it will be CBC’s responsibility to rectify the fault but you must contact your insurers to register a claim for any damages. If the leak is from something solely servicing the flat above and they are also leaseholders, it is their responsibility to correct the fault and you must contact your insurers to register a claim for damages.

Leasehold Valuation Tribunal

First Tier Tribunal (formerly Leasehold Valuation Tribunal or ‘LVT’) can be used to resolve disputes between leaseholders and landlords.
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