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We offer cashless parking

Cashless parking lets you pay for your parking, safely and securely, using your mobile device.

With cashless parking:

  • you don’t need to put a ticket on your dashboard
  • civil enforcement officers use handheld devices to check which vehicles have paid
  • using the app is quick and simple; you can save your details for next time
  • you can opt-in to receive a text message to remind you your session is about to expire
  • if you’re running late or simply need a bit longer in town, there’s no need to worry; just top up your parking wherever you are by using the service again

You can pay:

  • using an app
  • by calling the automated payment service line

How to pay by app

Step 1: Download the app

Get it on Google Play
Download on Apple's App Store

Step 2: Register in the app

Next, you'll need to register.

To register, you'll need your:

  • email address
  • mobile telephone number
  • vehicle registration
  • valid credit or debit card

Step 3: Pay for your parking

  1. Enter the location code you wish to park in as advertised on street signage
  2. Enter your parking duration: add the time duration you wish to park for, check the details and then confirm your selection
  3. Add more time from wherever you are (depending on local parking restrictions and regulations); simply open the app and add time to your current parking meter

How to pay by phone call

Call the telephone number displayed on signs in the relevant car parks and streets.

Reminder texts and notifications

Opt-in to SMS reminders in your account settings and you won't have to worry about dashing back to the parking machine.

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What is PayByPhone?

We use PayByPhone for our cashless parking. PayByPhone is a mobile phone service which enables you to pay for your parking by credit or debit card, rather than with cash at a machine.

Visit PayByPhone's website to find out more.