Celebratory services - baby naming ceremonies and renewal of vows ceremonies

Baby naming ceremonies

The civil naming ceremony provides parents, family and friends with an opportunity to welcome a child into the world, to make commitments of love and support, recognise responsibilities and share hopes and dreams for the future. As it carries no legal status, each naming ceremony may be highly personalised and tailored to individual circumstances. Readings or poetry may be included along with music and perhaps gifts for the child.

Renewal of vows ceremonies

A Renewal of Vows ceremony provides couples with a unique opportunity to recognise and celebrate their relationship. Any married couple, regardless of how long they have been married, may choose to renew their vows. Typically a renewal of vows ceremony will include the marriage vows and re-dedication or giving of new rings. As the ceremony has no legal status it can be highly personalised ensuring that it is unique and meaningful for each couple.

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