Useful marriage / civil partnership information

Organising your day

Here are some ideas for you to consider. You may wish to include music in your ceremony, which can be played at appropriate moments during the ceremony such as while the guests are arriving or during the signing of the schedule.

For couples marrying, there are certain words prescribed by law (the contracting and declaratory words) which you must say. For couples wanting a civil partnership registration there is no requirement for you to make contracting or declaratory words but there is a choice of words that you may wish to say.


We have a selection of readings (PDF 313.2KB) which you can choose from. Alternatively, you can supply your own non-religous reading.

Getting married abroad

You will almost certainly be required to provide certain documents and in some instances a certificate of no impediment that is available from the register office. Your travel agent will be able to assist you in the first instance. Please e-mail for more information.