Landscape Character Assessment

LCA in Central Bedfordshire

The Central Bedfordshire Landscape Character Assessment (2015) is a revision of the previous LCAs for the county of Bedfordshire covering the former Mid Beds and South Beds districts following unitary reorganisation.

The Central Bedfordshire LCA is accompanied by the Bedford Borough LCA covering the north of the county and both provide a seamless assessment for the county at a scale of 1:25,000. The revised LCAs fit within an overarching assessment for the county as a whole undertaken at a scale of 1:50,000 (2007).

The Central Bedfordshire LCA describes 10 landscape types – each with a relatively homogeneous character with similar physical and cultural attributes. The landscape types are sub-divided into component landscape character areas – discreet geographic areas sharing common characteristics. There are 38 landscape character areas in Central Bedfordshire.

The document is large and is available as individual chapters based on the landscape types to ease downloading. Assessment of related character areas is contained within each chapter.

Landscape Character Assessment

Introduction and methodology (PDF 7MB)

Type 1 (PDF 2.6MB)

Types 2 and 3 are available in Bedford Borough Council's technical reports.

Type 4 (PDF 4.4MB)

Type 5 (PDF 10.3MB)

Type 6 (PDF 4.8MB)

Type 7 (PDF 3.4MB)

Type 8 (PDF 5.7MB)

Type 9 (PDF 7.1MB)

Type 10 (PDF 5.9MB)

Type 11 (PDF 5.7MB)

Type 12 (PDF 5MB)

Appendices (PDF 210KB)

Studies at 1:10,000

Aspley Triangle (PDF 6.3MB) - a more detailed landscape study, including sensitivity assessment.