Green infrastructure

Green Infrastructure (GI) is a planned and managed network of multifunctional green space which can provide a healthy and rich environment.

Green infrastructure assets include:

  • allotments
  • amenity space, including communal green spaces within housing areas
  • green corridors, including hedgerows, ditches, disused railways and verges
  • Brownfield and Greenfield sites
  • urban parks and gardens
  • registered commons and village and town greens
  • children’s play space
  • natural and semi-natural habitat for wildlife
  • playing fields
  • cemeteries
  • pocket parks
  • country parks
  • woodland
  • historic parks and gardens and historic landscapes
  • nature reserves
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Scheduled Monuments
  • locally designated heritage sites, including county wildlife sites
  • waterways and waterbodies, including flooded quarries
  • development sites with potential for open space and links
  • land in agri-environmental management