Flooding and flood risk management

Free community flood toolkits

How to get your free community flood toolkit

Call or email us if you'd like a flood toolkit for your community.

Telephone: 0300 300 8635
Email: floodrisk@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

Download our flood toolkit guidance for communities (PDF 730.1KB)

Plan for flooding

The toolkit scheme is designed to act as an incentive for the local area to create a community flood plan and volunteer group. It is essential that a clear plan is in place before a toolkit can be provided, so that volunteers know when to activate the plan and what to do should flooding occur.

It works for Stotfold

Stotfold is prone to flash flooding. The community piloted the flood tool kit scheme and worked with us in 2017 to create a flood community volunteer group and flood action plan. The community identified which products best suit Stotfold's needs and enables the team to take action when flooding looks likely.

Stotfold's toolkit contains:

  • high visibility clothes, head torches and road signs to help the group coordinate a safe response to flooding
  • submersible pumps, sandbags and self-inflating hydrosacks to help keep flood water at bay
  • wet/dry vacuums, squeegees and other clean up essentials to improve Stotfold's recovery, if it gets flooded

In addition to managing the toolkit, the community takes an active role in monitoring water levels in the Pix Brook and works closely with the authorities to report and remove potential blockages that could otherwise lead to flooding.

Who pays for the toolkit?

We do. Along with the Environment Agency, we can provide toolkits to communities at known risk of flooding, up to £1,500 in value. This is subject to funding availability and community eligibility. The toolkits provide communities with equipment to help minimise the disruption before, during and after a flood.