Flooding and flood risk management

Flood risk management - our responsibilities

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 we are the Lead Local Flood Authority for our area; we are responsible for:

  • developing and maintaining a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy
  • maintaining a register of physical features that have a ‘significant’ effect on flooding in our area
  • investigating incidents of local flooding – we will publish the results of an investigation where this is considered 'significant'
  • promoting sustainable development – this includes sustainable drainage approaches on new developments
  • regulating works on ordinary watercourses – we issue consent and take enforcement action
  • designating structures and features that effect flooding – this requires the owner of a designated feature to seek consent from the authority to alter, remove or replace it
  • co-ordinating flood risk management across our area

Call 999 in an emergency. To report a flood incident or a situation which you think may result in flooding, please contact floodrisk@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk (this is not 24 hour contact). Please report public road flooding to the highways team.

We have further drainage responsibilities under the Act as a Highway Authority.

We have powers of enforcement under The Land Drainage Act (1991), to ensure that watercourses are maintained to a satisfactory condition. Our Enforcement Policy was adopted under the Delegated Decision Notice dated 3 March 2023.