Flooding and flood risk management

Request informal pre-application flood advice (for property developers)

Ask us for informal flood advice

Before you make a formal planning application you can ask us for some informal site-specific flood advice on flood risk and surface water drainage arrangements. This is a separate process to the formal pre-application advice service offered by our local planning authority.

Here's what you need to do.

Step 1: fill in our online application form

To complete the form, you'll need:

  • overview of the development proposal
  • scaled location plan, with site outlined in red
  • detailed scale and nature of the development
  • indicative master plan and drainage layout (if available)

Complete informal pre-application flood advice form >>

Please note your form's reference number before proceeding to step 2.

Step 2: make payment

The cost for this service is £60 plus VAT.

If your request looks like it'll take longer than an hour, we may agree an increased fee or decline it.

Please click on the below button to make your payment online. On the payments page that you will be redirected to please do the following to pay:

  1. select Miscellaneous
  2. select Flood Risk

Please note - crucial information for matching the payment with the application follows:
In the message box of the payment form, please enter the site address and any online / application reference number (if known) relating to the application being paid.

Pay your charge or fee online >

Payment can also be taken over the phone at 0300 300 8635.

When to expect your informal advice

We aim to return an answer within 21 days of receipt of all required information (completed form, supporting documents and payment).

The informal advice we can offer

This advice is primarily for the early stage of development, and includes a simple flood risk assessment which is based on a standard template. For more detailed requests, please use our formal pre-application advice service.

Whilst we may undertake consultations with other organisations during the pre-application process, we expect you to seek your own technical or expert advice and directly contact relevant consultees. The informal advice we supply, prior to making a formal application, will not include consultation with other services.

Our aim is to offer good and consistent advice on proposed development. Please note, however, that the pre-application process does not constitute our formal decision. Accordingly, advice would be given without prejudice to any formal consideration of a subsequent planning application.

We don't review FRAs or detailed surface water strategies; these should be requested via our formal pre-application advice service.

Please note that if you apply for both informal and formal pre-application advice, the information from our team may be duplicated. The formal pre-application advice (which is processed by the planning team) may contain the same information as the informal advice, with the addition of more detailed comments based on an assessment of the information submitted.