Fire safety at home - Safe and Well visits

Safe and Well visits from Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Safe and Well

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s firefighters and their community team have been extremely successful in reducing fires and educating people to be safer in their homes.

The free Safe and Well visits build on this and provide safety advice to those most at risk. They include detailed fire safety advice and also offer additional guidance on health, wellbeing and crime prevention. If hazards or risks are identified during the safe and well visit, the service is able to refer vulnerable people to appropriate partner agencies for further help and support with making them safer.

They will continue to guide those who are not most at risk and treat any calls requesting assistance appropriately. If they are unable to visit we will still provide safety advice.

Someone may be more at risk if they:

  • have a disability
  • smoke or have a substance or alcohol dependency
  • have adult social care needs
  • are over the age of 65
  • live alone or in a cluttered environment

Free Safe and Well visit includes:

  • home fire safety assessment
  • free provision of equipment including smoke alarms
  • advice on safety issues (e.g. cooking, smoking and falls)
  • guidance on planning an escape route
  • referrals and signposting to other agencies if required

You can apply for a Safe and Well visit on the Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service website.

Apply for a visit