Nuisance motorcycles

We work with the police to combat nuisance motorcycles. To report nuisance motorcycles, call Bedfordshire Police (link opens in new window) on 101.

Motorcycles driven off-road can cause alarm and distress. There are fines of £100+ for anyone riding a motorcycle on council-owned land such as footpaths, tracks, parks and fields.

Riding on private land without permission is an offence and if riders cause criminal damage they can be arrested, ordered to pay the cost of the repairs or sued.

The police can seize motorcycles and arrest riders. The cost of returning a motorcycle is over £100 and repeat offenders may have their motorcycles scrapped. Parents of under 18s are liable for fines and may be charged with aiding and abetting.

To ride or even park on the road legally riders will need:

  • driving licence and insurance
  • test certificate
  • tax and registration

Without all of the above, riders are breaking the law and run the risk of fines, confiscation, prosecution or even imprisonment.

Contact us

Police: 101

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111