Community Champions

Help your local community

Why we need Community Champions

We talk every day online to thousands of our residents via our social media and through email updates we send out.

The thing is, we know we don’t reach everyone. There are local Facebook groups in communities. Friends and families chatting on WhatsApp. Plus lots of casual Zoom catch ups we're all having these days!

These are all great opportunities to reach more people - and that's where we'd need your help.

Imagine the simple scenario:

  • we tell you – you tell 50 people – great
  • we tell 50 people who tell another 50 people – that’s 2,500 people. Now we’re really talking!

You could help us get the latest information and advice out to friends and other people you know through sports clubs or social clubs for example.

Maybe you’re not in an organised group but you are part of a wide social network and want to help out.

You could share information via WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just by word of mouth.

How would it work?

We’ll give you information each week on the current infection rates and we’ll give you information on messages we need to share.

We’ll make this really simple, sending an email alert which with the tap of a button you can quickly share into your WhatsApp and social media groups. Bingo – we’re up and running.

You don’t need to create your own messages; we’ll do that for you. With just a few clicks you’ll be helping us to reach hundreds and thousands more people. The power is in your hands.

It’s going to be a two-way conversation too

We also want to hear from you about how the information is being received – what works well and what doesn’t, what questions are people asking and if there are any myths that need busting!

We’ll organise online sessions so we can keep in touch with you regularly.

We are hoping to launch the Community Champions scheme in October 2020. For now, we are just asking people to sign up.

Sign up

Is there anything you can do now?


Make sure you are following us on social media and share our messages on all of your networks – social media, WhatsApp, word of mouth or any other means. 

Keep an eye on our website which links to the latest government advice.