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Potton Green Wheel consultation

About the Potton Green Wheel consultation

Consultation closes: Monday 5 July 2021
Consultation opened: Monday 24 May 2021

The Potton Green Wheel is a long-term vision to link routes and green spaces around the town.

To do this, we'll:

  • create a wheel rim, which will surround the town
  • add a network of paths between Potton and the rim

It will encircle the town, creating a continuous accessible corridor.

People who will use it include:

  • walkers
  • runners
  • cyclists (available once Sandy-Potton Cycleway route is open)
  • horse riders

We expect the new green wheel to:

  • protect existing wildlife
  • promote new wildlife
  • manage existing landscapes and heritage
  • create new green spaces

As part of the route, we're planning to include:

  • Henry Smith Playing Field
  • Pegnut Wood
  • Potton Quarry

View or download the full consultation document (PDF)

View or download draft Potton Green Wheel masterplan (PDF)