Active Travel Fund consultation

Tell us what you think of plans to improve cycling and walking options

Consultation closed: 28 March 2021

We've received £600,000 of funding from central government to improve cycling and walking provision in three areas of Bedfordshire: Biggleswade, Cranfield and around Leighton Buzzard.

We asked views from: 

  • local businesses
  • users of the existing cycle routes and footpaths
  • local residents
  • community stakeholders

Cranfield, northern route

The cycle/footway route set out around the northern perimeter of Cranfield University airfield has been identified to be improved and extended further along College Road. There will also be links on to the cycle/footway route from Crawley Road.

Our proposal is to upgrade the surface of the cycle/footway within the boundary of Cranfield University airfield which has previously been given planning consent (in May 2018). It will also connect to and improve the cycling and pedestrian network in Cranfield.

Biggleswade, London Road

To provide a shared foot/cycleway along the western side of London Road to link in to and improve the cycle network in Biggleswade. This will be achieved by extending out the kerb line to removing the advisory cycle lane on the eastern side (southbound lane) on London Road. It is not proposed that the grassed verge adjacent to residents’ properties will be converted as part of the shared foot/cycleway.

Leighton Buzzard, Heath Road

The proposal for Heath Road is to extend the kerb line along the western side of Heath Road, to provide additional width for a shared foot/cycleway to link to the part of Heath Road footway that was previously widened. This will further improve the cycle network in the area. It is planned for the implementation to take place concurrently with a structural maintenance scheme for Heath Road.