Short breaks for children and young people with SEND consultation

How we've approached the development of the new short breaks model

Consultation closed: Thursday 10 November 2022
Consultation opened: Thursday 1 September 2022

We are committed to working with local voluntary organisations and community groups to ensure we are together providing the best support for children, young people and their families with SEND.

During the review process we have engaged and consulted with key organisations and parents. This has included:

  • one-to-one meetings with grant funded organisations, to engage, listen and include their views in the work
  • workshops for families and local providers to discuss and agree a definition of personalisation
  • drop-in sessions and an online questionnaire for local providers, to gain their views and feedback about potential future grant funding processes

The SNAP Parent Carer Forum has been a key member of our working group and we have been engaging with parents throughout this project via:

  • parenting panels and an online questionnaire, about the accessibility of local services and the types of provision they attend
  • two workshops to discuss and agree on a definition as noted above
  • engagement events and meeting parents within the services they attend

The feedback from these activities has been used to inform our proposed funding and delivery model.

The definition that was agreed at the above workshops, was:

Children, young people and families are fully involved in planning for their future, ensuring they get the support that is right for them, and that they have choice and control over how they live their lives and the services they access.

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