Biggleswade skatepark consultation

About the Biggleswade skatepark consultation

Consultation closed: 18 March 2019 at 5pm

Results of the consultation

You can download the full results of the consultation.

What we consulted on

In December 2018, our Executive committee gave approval to spend £200,000 from our capital budget to fund a new skatepark, to be built on the existing site (Chambers Way).

A new design for the replacement skatepark will be finalised after the consultation with local users and the public. This information will be used as part of the tender exercise for selecting a supplier, ahead of agreeing a final design. The new design will try to reduce noise for local residents. There will also be upgraded lighting and CCTV to help users feel safe.

A concrete skatepark is preferred, as this is generally considered to be quieter and the best surface for skateboarding, and is also popular with BMX and scooter riders. It is also hard wearing and usually requires less repairs than alternative modular or metal ramp structures. Unlike pre-cast moulds or modular ramps, a free-form concrete construction allows freedom to create a bespoke design to meet the requirements of users and the local community. 

The consultation sought opinions on the materials to use, and on the type of features and standard of ramps that previous and future users would like to see included in a new design.

Why we consulted

It’s particularly important that young people are provided with community facilities that encourage them to be physically active, amid growing concerns about rising levels of inactivity and obesity.

Skateparks encourage more local people to be physically active via a sport that is accessible and informal. They can help create stronger communities and a positive outdoor space where young people can forge friendships, be sociable and physically active.

As well as skateboarders, these types of parks are also popular with BMX, inline skaters, and scooter riders. Both skateboarding and BMX freestyle skills are new Olympic sports from 2020, so the popularity of these types of skateparks is only likely to increase.