Pix Brook Academy

Questions and answers about the new school in Arlesey Road for Pix Brook Academy

Has planning permission been submitted for the Pix Brook permanent site at Arlesey Road and is there a timeframe for this to be granted?

We've agreed with the Departmern for Education (DfE) to deliver the build. A grant for the build was recently approved by the DfE. The planning application is expected to be submitted in mid-February 2019, with an expected approval by mid April 2019.

When will the permanent buildings for Pix Brook Academy be started?

We've undertaken feasibility studies on the new site and specialist advice in advance of the DfE grant approval. The permanent build of Pix Brook Academy is expected to start in July 2019.

What will be the planned completion date?

Phase 1 of the build is due to be completed in May 2020, with phase 2 due to be completed later in the year.

What will happen if the permanent site is not ready for 2020 intake?

As phase 1 is due to be completed in May 2020, there is sufficient contingency time to ensure that Pix Brook pupils and staff can move into the Pix Brook permanent site in September 2020.