Pix Brook Academy

Questions and answers about arrangements for Pix Brook Academy

Is Pix Brook Academy still opening?

Yes. Whilst there has been a delay, Pix Brook will still open as a new free school, run by Bedfordshire Schools Trust (BEST), in September 2019.

Why has there been a delay with the Pix Brook Academy build?

Building a new free school is complex and there are many hurdles to overcome before the final funding agreement is signed off. We're working together with the Department for Education (DfE) to open the school for September 2019 on the Etonbury site.

When is Pix Brook Academy opening?

Pix Brook will admit year 5 pupils in September 2019.

Where will Pix Brook open in 2019?

Pix Brook will admit its first cohort in 2019 on the site of Etonbury Academy. Although it will be on the Etonbury site, the academy will be separate from Etonbury and will only be used by Pix Brook staff and pupils.

The site allocated for the new building has been arranged to make maximum use of the land available and create a safe yet efficient route through for staff, pupils and visitors. A small car park is to be positioned to the front behind which will be positioned the new school building and a cycle store. A large area of circulation space and a hard play area is to be located directly the south of the building and a new soft play and sports field is to be constructed beyond. This is not a temporary building, but a permanent block which will be left on the Etonbury site when the new build for Pix Brook is completed for September 2020.

How many pupils will Pix Brook admit in its first year?

There will be up to 120 year 5 school places at the academy. This will more than cover the anticipated new school places required in 2019.

Our school place forecast:

Pupils currently on roll in catchment: 383 pupils

New housing forecast yield: 32 pupils

Total: 415 pupils

Existing year 5 places: 320 places

Pix Brook places: 120 places

Total: 440 places

Is there a back-up plan if the facility is not ready?

The build programme will be regularly monitored and contingency plans will be put in place if required. We're confident that the school will be ready in time to open in September 2019.

Why was the Etonbury site chosen to host Pix Brook for 2019?

We undertook a comprehensive feasibility study, looking at options. Etonbury is situated in the area of greatest need for school places. When the new Pix Brook site is completed in 2020, Etonbury will have additional facilities for pupils and the community.

Can the area move to a primary/secondary model?

It is really important that changes in age range in individual schools are coordinated and properly planned. We know that changing one school can affect the viability of other schools in the area. We're working with all of the schools in the Stotfold and Shefford area to understand their ambitions for change and to develop a plan.

What disruption will there be on Etonbury whilst the Pix Brook accommodation is built?

Any work on the school site will be carefully managed to ensure health and safety of the pupils, staff and parents is not at risk.

What will the impact be on Etonbury, hosting Pix Brook on-site for 2019/20? Will it affect the school improvement journey following the recent Ofsted report?

No. These are two separate schools with their own head teacher and staff team.

How will the additional traffic at the Etonbury site be managed?

A new car park will be constructed to the front of the school and our highways team will be consulted.