Changes to bin collections consultation

Changes to bin collections in the future

We consulted on possible changes to bin collectionsfor Central Bedfordshire houses (not flats) from 26 February until 20 April 2018. The consultation is now closed.

We considered the feedback and have decided to make changes to bin collections in line with residents’ views.

Residents were overwhelmingly supportive of recycling more and the majority also supported saving money in the service.

As a result, we have introduced weekly food waste collections to all households in Central Bedfordshire (except flats).

We have discarded the idea of charging for garden waste, as this was the least favoured option. Instead we will continue to provide a free fortnightly collection as we do now. Residents did ask for more flexibility in the service though. So, we will be offering residents a choice of a wheelie bin or two reusable bags for garden waste collections.

After listening to residents' concerns about three-weekly black bin collections, we're not proposing to introduce this service at this point. However, in recognition of the fact that more than a third of residents favoured this option and others were open to the possibility, we're committed to put in place other measures to support people to recycle as much as possible, which might make three-weekly collections more manageable in the longer term.