Consultation: Planning Obligations SPD

Have your say: Planning Obligations SPD

Consultation closes: Tuesday 11 December 2023
Consultation opened: Monday 30 October 2023

What is the Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)?

The Planning Obligations SPD (PDF) is a guidance document that explains our approach to securing planning obligations (also known as Section 106 – or S106 – contributions) from new development.

Planning Obligations may be sought from housing, commercial, employment and mixed-use developments as well as minerals and waste developments. Their purpose is to ensure the necessary on site or off-site infrastructure is provided to mitigate the impacts of new developments and make them acceptable in planning terms.

The Planning Obligations SPD sets out the different types of infrastructure we seek contributions towards, and the supporting evidence to justify how much is collected. It also sets out the approach to site viability and the prioritisation of infrastructure.

The purpose of the Planning Obligations SPD

The purpose of this Planning Obligations SPD is to set out our approach to seeking Section 106 planning obligations for infrastructure from new development. It will enable developers to understand the type and scale of planning obligation requirements from an early stage in the development process and make appropriate provision.

Why is the Planning Obligations SPD required?

The supporting text to Policy HQ2 (Developer Contributions) of the adopted Local Plan commits us to preparing guidance to provide more detail about the approach to securing developer contributions. This SPD will support the implementation of the Local Plan and secure infrastructure from new developments.

The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP)

The Planning Obligations SPD is supported by an updated Infrastructure Delivery Plan (PDF), that sets out the infrastructure required to support the delivery of the allocated housing and employment growth outlined in the Adopted Local Plan to 2035. It sets out the estimated costs of infrastructure, funding sources, phasing of delivery and identifies who will be responsible for delivering it.

The IDP has been published for information only. Comments are not being sought on the content as part of this consultation.

Consultation on the Planning Obligations SPD

The Planning Obligations SPD is being published for public consultation for 6 weeks from Monday 30 October 2023 until Monday 11 December 2023.

Have your say

The consultation is being hosted on our new digital engagement platform, Commonplace. We encourage you to explore the document on this platform and submit your responses using this method.

Have your say using Commonplace

The consultation document has been split down into topic specific pages, or tiles, to provide an alternative, and more interactive way of viewing the content. There are feedback boxes on each page to capture your comments. A copy of the full document in PDF format is also available to download should you wish.

As well as your views on the SPD itself, we are keen to receive your feedback on the Commonplace platform, to help us ensure our engagement is as effective as it can be moving forwards. This can be shared by commenting via Commonplace or by email to

Comments on the consultation document may also be submitted via email to or by post to:

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Next steps

After the consultation ends, we will consider all the comments received and will make changes to the document where necessary. A summary of the comments received and how they’ve been taken into account will be presented to our Executive Committee in spring  2024 alongside the final Planning Obligations SPD. Once adopted, the SPD will be a material consideration and will be used when assessing planning applications and negotiating S106 for new development.