Royal visits

Royal visits to Bedfordshire

How can I arrange a royal visit?

If you wish to invite a member of the royal family to an event taking place in Bedfordshire you should invite them at least 6 months in advance.

All invitations received are carefully considered. For the greatest chance of success we recommend you make your invitation via the Lord-Lieutenant who is responsible for advising on invitations and for co-ordinating the programme of royal visitors. The Lord-Lieutenant will then liaise with Buckingham Palace, the private office of the prospective royal visitor and the host organisation.

Contact the Lord-Lieutenant's Office.

Guidance to Royal Visits

The Lord-Lieutenant, as His Majesty’s representative in the county, oversees the programmes for Royal Visits, and the Lieutenancy office will liaise with the hosts and the Royal Household.  It is the duty of the Lord-Lieutenant to meet and attend Members of the Royal Family on visits to his / her county.  The Lord-Lieutenant will be the first person to receive the Royal Visitor and present the civic guests and the host for the day. Once this duty is performed, the Lord-Lieutenant need not take an active part in the visit, although he / she should be included in the Royal Party. It is customary for the Lord-Lieutenant to be last in taking leave of Royal Visitors on their departure. This is usually done in conjunction with the hosts. All guests must be invited to arrive 30 minutes before the arrival of the Royal Party and should not leave before the Royal Party. (Exceptions can be made in respect of hospitals and hospices). Coffee / biscuits are normally provided during this waiting period. All guests are normally asked to wear badges for the event.

Draft programmes are usually initially prepared by the host organisation in collaboration with the Clerk to the Lord-Lieutenant who can offer advice on programme content and protocol. Draft programmes should be prepared at least 2 months before the proposed visit.

Record of Official Royal Visits to Bedfordshire

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