Licensing Committee - meetings and agendas

Licensing Committee

The Licensing Committee is responsible for all of the council’s licensing, registration and environmental protection functions in relation to:

  • granting of licenses for the sale of alcohol
  • provision of hackney carriages and private hire vehicles
  • sex establishments
  • market and street trading

Chair / Vice-Chair

  • Chair: Councillor Tony Brown
  • Vice-Chair: Councillor Kevin Collins


  • Councillor Ray Berry (C)
  • Councillor Tony Brown (C)
  • Councillor Neil Bunyan (C)
  • Councillor John Chatterley (C)
  • Councillor Kevin Collins (C)
  • Councillor Silvia Collins (IN)
  • Councillor Ian Dalgarno (C)
  • Councillor Nicola Harris (C)
  • Councillor Gareth Mackey (IN)
  • Councillor Ian Shingler (IN)
  • Councillor Richard Wenham (C)
  • Councillor Tracey Wye (IN)


  • Councillor David Bowater (C)
  • Councillor Frank Firth (C)
  • Councillor Caroline Maudlin (C)
  • Councillor Mark Versallion (C)
  • Councillor Mary Walsh (IN)
  • Councillor Adam Zerny (IN)