Executive - meetings and agendas


These meetings are taking place virtually. You can watch the meetings online, either live or after the meeting has happened.

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The Executive is made up of the senior political leadership of the council. Members of the Executive are appointed by the Leader of the Council. It makes key decisions, which are in line with the council’s budget and policies. It also develops proposals for recommendation to the council for approval following a process where the Executive Member consults with the appropriate council officer(s). It usually meets seven times each year.

Composition of the Executive 2019-2021

  • Leader - Councillor James Jamieson
  • Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Corporate Resources - Councillor Richard Wenham
  • Executive Member for Health & Wellbeing and Communities - Councillor Tracey Stock
  • Deputy Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing and Communities - Councillor Brian Spurr
  • Executive Member for Families, Education and Children - Councillor Sue Clark
  • Deputy Executive Member for Families, Education and Children - Councillor Amanda Dodwell
  • Executive Member for Adults, Social Care and Housing Operations (HRA) - Councillor Carole Hegley
  • Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration - Councillor Kevin Collins
  • Executive Member for Community Services - Councillor Ian Dalgarno
  • Deputy Executive Members for Community Services - Councillor Steven Watkins and Councillor Brian Spurr
  • Executive Member for Assets and Housing Delivery - Councillor Eugene Ghent
  • Executive Member for Transformation and External Relations - Councillor Steven Dixon
  • Executive Member for Highways Delivery and Innovation - Councillor Nigel Young